The designer: Svetlana Fedina is an Amsterdam based designer. Born in a small village close to Moscow, she discovered her passion for making clothes at a young age. She started with an apron for her mother before crafting extravagant outfits for herself. She had regular fashion shows at home judged by her dog and two parrots. Her further education and career was mainly focused on business. Graduating from Moscow University for Humanities she continued her education at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Graduating with a Masters degree in business and marketing, Svetlana eventually regained her creativity when she moved to Amsterdam in 2016. That is when Stillsveta fashion label was born.

Brand Story: StillSveta is a clothing brand with a main focus on handcrafted designs made from sustainable materials. Each collection is an exploration of consciousness, aiming to spread awareness of animal care and a more sustainable way of life. StillSveta has been a participant of the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and won an International Design award for her sustainable jackets collection. The brand continues to explore socially responsible ways of creating new collections, always with nature in mind.

Production process: StillSveta has two studio spaces, one in Amsterdam and one in Moscow. All items are crafted by hand, made from carefully selected materials. Each garment is unique and rarely replicated. All coats and jackets have a signature StillSveta lining that is printed in a socially responsible printing organisation. The designer’s main focus is on the comfort of the garment, durability and sustainability of the fabrics, as well as the general aesthetic. Classic shapes with a contemporary twist: Stillsveta designs are fresh and interesting to look at.